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1. Design
We receive Engineering Drawing for the product to be manufactured. It defines the Geometrical parameters as well as material and finish required. The acceptance Criteria is also specified. The tooling is designed for the part and depending on the complexity, tooling may take the more time.

2. Wax Preparation
In investment casting wax is used as pattern. First of all wax is melted in melting pot. This melted wax is poured in charge gun. This Loaded charge gun is fixed in tempering tank at controlled temperature, Where the wax gets converted into semi liquid form.

3. Wax Injection
Now Wax is fed into the hydraulic Injection press by wax filled charged gun. By this press wax is injected into the dies of casting. After this solidification of wax in dies, Pattern is ready. Specifically designed wax injection presses are used, as precise control of the wax temperature and the pressure under which it is injected are crucial.

4. Wax Assembly
After cleaning and finishing the pattern, the assembly is prepared by runner and riser. This runner and riser are made from wax by wax extrusion press. The wax patterns are attached to a central wax bar, called spru, to form a cluster or assembly of tree.

5. Shell manufacture
The tree is dipped (invested) into ceramic slurry, trained and coated with a fine ceramic refractory. The most crucial stage of the shelling process is the primary coating, where a very fine grade of textured sand is used. This in turn results in a casting with excellent reproduction detail and the designated surface finish. After drying, this process is repeated with progressively coarser refractories until a self-supporting shell or mould is formed.

6. Dewaxing
Once the ceramic shell is dry, the wax is melted out either by heating under pressure in an autoclave, or heating in wax bath, creating a negative impression of the assembly within the shell.

7. Casting
The shell is fired at high temperature to sinter the shell, remove all residual traces of wax and pre-heat for pouring. Induction melting furnace is used to melt the metal at desired melting point. Having melted and de-gassed the molten metal, the pre-heated shell is filled to the required level and left to solidity. The cooling rate is strictly controlled to ensure metal purity and casting integrity.

8. Knockout
When the metal has cooled and solidified, the ceramic shell is broken off by mechanical vibration or water blasting or chemical cleaning. The parts are cut away from the central spruce by conventional engineering methods.
9. Finishing
After minor finishing operations, the metal castings (identical to the original wax patterns) are ready for shipment to the customer.


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