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manufacturer of quality investment castings
manufacturer of quality investment castings

Quality Policy
Dharpat Casting Pvt. Ltd. shall strive to give Customers fast and cost effective solutions for products developed by investment casting to meet customers requirements for regular supplies in respect of quality.

Quality practices
To us quality is of prime importance and is our major force that benefits our numerous customers. We do not limit our quality to just products, but we expand it from the basic raw materials purchase to Lab testing of materials to quality people through regular training and development programs.

At Dharpat we believe that quality is not just an event that come once in a month, but we believe quality is an attitude and a habit. We focus on two major areas within the company to improve and maintain highest standards of quality.

A. Products and Raw Material
We consistently check the material of Raw Material to ensure its quality as well as consistency of the batch. This ensures that the right material is used to produce your goods.

Finished products are tested on various areas mentioned below :

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical testing
  • Dimensional tests

B. People
We train people in Techniques as well as attitudes. This results into people becoming more quality conscious and innovative.

On The job training develops people to be more efficient in their work and accurate in their output. Workers as well as Staff are both trained OTJ.

The regular periodic trainings involve developing people on attitudinal grounds, to work with ethics. Further, as this is a work where people depend on each other, all are taught to work in teams and deliver outputs as organizations, not just as individuals.

Overall outcome of this exercise leads to lower employee turnovers, better products and faster delivery times, which together keep customers satisfied.

Quality Control Facilities

  • Equipped to analyze chemical composition of metal by wet method.


  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Hardness Testing Machine
  • Metallurgical Microscope (Type INBT-2)
  • Single disk polishing machine
  • Pyrometer


  • 0-150mm Digital Vernier Caliper – Mitutoyo
  • 0-300mm Digital Vernier Caliper – Mitutoyo
  • 0-600mm Vernier Caliper – Mitutoyo
  • 0-25mm Micro Meter - Mitutoyo
  • 25-50mm Micro Meter - Mitutoyo
  • 0-300mm Height gauge – Mitutoyo
  • 0-300mm Depth gauge – Mitutoyo
  • Inside Outside calipers – Mitutoyo
  • Inside Outside radius gauge – Mitutoyo
  • Combination set – Mitutoyo
  • Surface Plate

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