Evaluation Of Drawing

As our well-qualified personnel of development department will evaluate the drawing and shall prepare in-house casting’s 3D model in accordance with achievable investment casting tolerances as per National & International standards of Investment Castings. 3D Models shall be submitted to the buyer for approval. Than we create tool design in house and sent to our mould makers for mould manufacturing.

Wax Injection

Now Wax is fed into the hydraulic Injection press by wax filled charged gun. By this press wax is injected into the dies of casting. After this solidification of wax in dies, Pattern is ready. Specifically designed wax injection presses are used, as precise control of the wax temperature and the pressure under which it is injected are crucial.

Wax Assembly

After cleaning and finishing the pattern, the assembly is prepared by runner and riser. This runner and riser are made from wax by wax extrusion press. The wax patterns are attached to a central wax bar, called spru, to form a cluster or assembly of tree.

Shell Building

The shell building technique involves dipping the assembly into a ceramic slurry and then into a bed of extremely fine sand. After drying, the process is repeated. Up to eight layers may be applied in this manner depending on the shape & weight of the part.


Once the ceramic shell is dry, the wax is melted out either by heating under pressure in an autoclave impression of the assembly within the shell. This process Uses dewaxing tank to maintain shell integrity.

Conventional Casting

Induction Furnace is used to metal the metal at desired melting point.
In the conventional lost wax casting process, the preheated shell (up to 1000° deg C) is filled with molten metal by gravity pouring the metal into the ceramic shell. As the metal cools, the parts, gates, spur and pouring cup become one solid casting. Shell temperature and melt temperature will vary depending on the alloy.

Knock out

When the metal has cooled & solidified, the ceramic shell is broken off by Knocking hammer & sand blasting.

Cut-off & gate removal of part

The parts are then cut away from the central spur using a high speed cutting wheels or gas cutter & extrusion welding rods.

Quality Testing

In the casting we inspection 50% Dimensional & 100% visual inspection has be done as per customer requirement.
Finally casting is dimensionally and visually inspected, done by packed as per customer requirement and dispatched. Before Dispatch all testing to be done like heat-treatment Die Penetrate Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Radiography Test etc. based on customer requirement.

Finished Casting

After minor finishing operations,the metal castings (identical to the original wax patterns) are ready for shipment to the customer.