Quality Policy

Dharpat Casting Pvt.Ltd.Shall Strive to give Customers fast & cost effective solutions for products developed by investment casting to meet customers requirement for regular supplies in respect of quality.

Quality Objectives

Establish And Maintain Quality System for smooth & effective functioning of work related to quality.

Reduction in Wastage, Rejection & Rework.

Create an Environment that will Optimize Productivity.

Contagious growth in sales.

Quality Control Facilities

Finished Products Are tested on Various Areas Mentioned below.

Chemical Laboratory

We consistently check the material of Raw Material to ensure its quality as well as consistency of the batch. This ensures that the right material is used to produce your goods.

Physical Testing Laboratory

Universal Testing Machine

Hardness Testing Machine

Metallurgical Microscope(Type INBT-2)

Single Disk Polishing Machine


Dimensional Measuring Instruments

010-150mm Digital Vernier CaliperMitutoyo
020-300mm Digital Vernier CaliperMitutoyo
030-600mm Vernier CaliperMitutoyo
040-25mm Micro MeterMitutoyo
0525-50mm Micro MeterMitutoyo
060-300mm Height GaugeMitutoyo
070-300mm Depth GaugeMitutoyo
08Inside – Outside CalipersMitutoyo
09Inside – Outside Radius GaugeMitutoyo
10Combination SetMitutoyo
11Surface PlateMitutoyo
12Plug GaugeBaker
13Ring GaugeUnity
14Threaded GaugeBaker
15Surface PlateMicroflat datums